Name: Carl Carrot

Super Power: Super Vision

Favorite Activities: Baseball & Golf

Carl hands out baby carrots to all who need Super Vision. When you eat them you can see what is healthy in your foods and not so healthy! Carl wants all to eat baby carrots before shopping then everyone can see what nutrition is in the foods they get when shopping! When Carrot isn’t in school or playing baseball he is making the world a healthier place alongside the MyShapers team.

Likes Best about MyShapers: Teaches you how to shop healthier and how cool it is to eat healthy foods!


Name: Andy Apple

Super Power: Super Strength

Favorite Activities: Bicycling and Swimming

When super healing is needed Andy Apple arrives with Strength and Power Boosters to get better fast! Andy is from Bakersfield, California. Andy Apple wants to show the world that being healthy is fun!

Likes best about MyShapers: Teaches kids to be healthier through better eating habits!


Name: Miss Sweet Pea

Super Power: Super Hearing

Favorite Activities: Swimming and Soccer

Loved by all because such a good listener and so sweet! When Miss Sweet Pea isn’t swimming or playing soccer, she is with the MyShapers team making the world a healthier and happier place.

Likes best about MyShapers:
How all who listen, learn healthy information and encouraging actively having fun together!


Name: “Snacky” Sam Celery

Super Power: Snack Attack Avenger

Favorite Activities: Cooking and Baseball

Snacky can come to the rescue and help you anytime you have a snack attack! Snacky is always there to help you make the best snack choice! Ask yourself what would Snacky do? When Celery is not cooking delicious meals or playing baseball she making the world a healthier place with the MyShapers team through her vast knowledge of different foods!

Likes best about MyShapers: That there are so many healthy options. MyShapers helps you pick healthy foods you like to eat and exercises you like to do! Healthy living can be a real fun way to live!


Name: Patty Pear

Super Power: Super Smart and awesome Memory

Favorite Activities: Dancing & Yoga

When you need extra memory for learning Pear is part of the MyShapers Super Power Team to help you remember! If you want to know “what are my health goals this week” or “where was I going to exercise today?” Pear is here to help you remember! When she isn’t dancing or practicing Yoga, Patty Pear is hanging out and crunching numbers with the MyShapers team, working to make the world a happier and healthier place!

Likes best about MyShapers: Kids and parents learn how to be a better managers of healthy habits for life!


Name: Nicki Navel Orange

Super Power: Learning and Study Booster

Favorite Activities: Skateboarding and Bicycling

Nicki Navel Orange is loaded with vitamins needed for good health. When Orange isn’t busy skateboarding or riding her bike, she is joined together with the rest of the MyShapers team making the world a healthier place.

Likes best about MyShapers: All kids can take the class and learn about healthy habits!


Name: Buster Banana

Super Power: Super Energy Boost

Favorite Activity: Running

Peel open the bananas top and it releases the super boost of energy to everyone around! When Banana isn’t cruising on his two feet, he is hanging with the MyShapers gang finding fun new ways to inspire people to be active!

Likes best about MyShapers: MyShapers encourages kids to move more while having fun!