What is MyShapers child weight management program?

MyShapers uses fun videos and lively characters, including animated fruits and vegetables to bring our nutrition and fitness lessons to life.

We want families to make small lifestyle changes that add up to a lifetime of good health!

MyShapers.com child healthy eating and activity program helps kids, along with their parents, learn healthier habits that can be incorporated into their daily lives. Sometimes kids can use an extra boost of help (kind of like a tutor with math). MyShapers is that extra boost of help for your kids’ healthy habits.

child weight loss programThe MyShapers child weight management program offers:

  • 6 weekly video lessons (8 week access) program
  • Teaches and inspires kids and parents to eat healthier and move more
  • Online Healthy Program for Kids

In just 8 Weeks your child and you will

  • Build healthier shopping, cooking and eating habits
  • Have more energy and move more
  • Build self confidence

MyShapers.com is based on Shapers 20 years of nutrition, activity weight management experience. We have a Registered Dietitian teaching the current USDA nutrition guidelines for parents and kids to easily improve their eating and fitness habits. We make a healthy lifestyle fun to learn!

dr-shadDiabetes, Heart Disease and Obesity have now reached epidemic proportions and are affecting the next generation of children with poorer health outcomes than their parents. Given these realities, we now need to find ways to shift our focus in healthcare to primary prevention and the promotion of healthy lifestyles. With over 20 years of experience, MyShapers empowers children, families, health care providers and communities to develop healthy habits at a critical age to prevent disease and ensure optimal health throughout the lifespan. I fully support and highly recommend MyShapers as a powerful tool to address our chronic disease epidemic and provide hope for a healthier future for our children.

-Dr. Shad (Farshad Fani Marvasti, MD, MPH)