Stay Healthier for Life!

MyShapers, LLC is here to help you get & stay healthier for life! Dieting sets us up to stop! We start & stop diets & yo-yo our weight loss & gain back & forth. This is not healthy for us nor our children! Learning how to become a better manager not a better dieter creates success! We teach families online self-management techniques, behavioral modification strategies, nutrition education with practical application and fitness methods that are fun for each individual.

Dieting is dangerous for children as it can increase their risk of eating disorders by 25% or more! So lets stop the dangerous dieting and lets start feeling good about ourselves and our habits! Building self-esteem is a biproduct that comes from doing

The program is entirely online and easy to use. Access on your phone or other devices work quickly. Let us help your team be healthier and feel better by being able to start doing something of something instead of the all or nothing syndrome diets set us up for. Consistency is the key to our health success!

We partner with your organizations and agencies to help your families get healthier today for life.

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