Top five healthy foods for kids

Staying healthy is the same for kids as it is for adults, requiring an all-around effort that brings together diet, exercise, and habits that stick. The easiest and most fun place to start for most people is food. Picking out a few delicious and nutritious favorites that you can work into all of your meals will make eating healthy a breeze. There are lots of great choices on your supermarket shelves, but here are just a few to get started with:

Low-fat milk
We know that milk builds strong bones, and so getting your daily serving is a top priority. The calcium and vitamin D in milk are part of every balanced diet. If you can cut out the extra fat in the process, then that’s just double the benefit. Doctors recommend three servings of dairy every day.

Lean meats
Chicken and turkey breasts are the best way to go where poultry is concerned, offering a lower fat content and all of the muscle-boosting protein kids need to stay strong. Your body uses the protein in meats as building blocks to make everything, from bones and skin to blood. Either can make a great centerpiece to any meal, or slice onto sandwiches for a reliable lunchtime staple.

healthy foods for kidsDark-colored fruits and veggies
Looking in your produce aisle for snacks with darker colors can be a great way to feed your body some much-needed antioxidants. Purple-toned foods like blueberries, cabbage, and plums come with tons of different health benefits including lower blood pressure and cancer-fighting agents. They make midday snack, or an excellent dinnertime side-dish.

Getting a bit of extra cinnamon into breakfast time should be a no-brainer, since many kid favorites are already loaded with the stuff. Besides tasting great, cinnamon helps regulate blood sugar, which is another reason to get your helping first thing in the morning.

Whole wheat bread
Packed with fiber and vitamin B, whole wheat bread is one of the cornerstones of healthy eating. Every good sandwich has at least two slices, and making sure kids get their daily serving will keep their energy up and their bodies fit.

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